The AMIT (Advanced Muscular Integration Technique) is a specialized technique to reactivate aberrant (not working correctly) muscles so that the body is balanced and operates at its fullest potential.

The AMIT system of analysis performs a functional evaluation of the 720 muscle divisions in the body. AMIT treatment restores proper function to the injured or affected area.

In simple terms, when a muscle is over stressed beyond its ability to handle a load, the tissue either tears or is neurologically inhibited. When a muscle is inhibited it is like the circuit breaker in your house being shut off. In order to attempt to protect your body from further injury this means that the muscles and joints don’t work correctly and you experience pain, instability and loss of function.

Our bodies are made to keep functioning no matter what (to be able to run away from that saber tooth tiger). To do this when a muscle is inhibited the body recruits other muscles in the area and adapts to allow you to continue to perform daily tasks. This functioning however is inefficient and painful and continues to damage the area. Pain is a signal that something is wrong and your body is trying to prevent further damage. With this inefficient functioning, the recruited muscles will fail next and continue this adaptive cycle.

Eventually, there will be no more muscles in an area to adapt to the load demand. This places more stress on the ligaments and connective tissues and they begin to break down more rapidly. This leads to degenerative changes in the joint.

Possible causes muscle overload:

  • Lack of conditioning to the level of demand.
  • Traumatic force exceeds the integrity of the muscle or tissues.
  • Neurological inhibition
  • Proprioceptive inhibition
  • Nutritional deficiencies or excesses.
  • Acupuncture system imbalances
  • Overuse, accidents, injuries (new and old)
  • Dehydration
  • Organ / gland stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Disease Medications
  • Ice/Heat
  • Physical therapy modalities
  • Toxic overload
  • Training and conditioning imbalances
  • Surgeries, Accidents and Injuries (new and old)

How can AMIT help you?

Objective precise neurological muscle testing is the back bone of the AMIT system. Testing of isolated muscles assesses the function of individual muscles to determine if they are inhibited or functional. This defines positions of instability and lack of balance in the body.

AMIT treats the inhibition that takes place in nerve centers called proprioceptors. These nerve centers monitor tension, stretch, motion, and pressure. When the system is traumatized or inflamed, these centers “trip”, much like the circuit breaker in a house electrical circuit. Once this occurs, the muscle stays inhibited when it is placed under load. Loss of range of motion, pain, and weakness are experienced. When this happens, other muscles or tissues attempt to take on more of the load as the body adapts and compensates.

For treatment the doctor will stimulate eight separate reflex centers and adjust the related spinal segments to reactivate proper neurological function for that inhibited muscle. Once reactivated, the muscles are now prepared to respond to the demand put on it and to function correctly. Using AMIT, the body is aided in the support it needs to heal and perform optimally.

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  • "Dr. Barnes is very dedicated to his patients wellness."
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