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Vitamin D

Why you need vitamin D and best ways to get it.

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Why Am I A Chiropractor?

I have been asked this question throughout my entire career, and I always seemed to have an extremely thorough response:

Sometimes I would focus on the Central Nervous System and how this is the master controller of your entire body.

Sometimes I would talk about the above, down, and inside out philosophy when it comes to your health.

Sometimes I would introduce how the body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism.

All of these responses seemed to capture the essence of why I am a Chiropractor, but then I started thinking…

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Who`s Your Best Insurance Rep?

Would you rather take a drug the rest of your life to cover your symptoms that you are suffering from or would you rather get to the cause of the problem and improve your health so you can live a longer healthier life?

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